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Our history in the works related to leather, start by accident and self-taught, in the winter of 2013, when we began to work in the small shed of the backyard, where formerly the animals were kept in, this place we found the necessary space to start building the articles that were part of some of our dreams.

Encouraged by the illusion, that traditional jobs generate less impact on the environment, through Sibo Yanke we discovered the opportunity to maintain many of our values as a person with our work, and protection this delicate balance between production, life and environment.

Sibo Yanke is a African name we received years ago from a Mandinga family, they welcomed us for 3 months in a small shanty village inside the African savannah, in a long trip 3 month. This project gave us the opportunity to thank them everything we lived and learned with them during all that time, giving this name to our brand.

Today in Sibo Yanke we manufacture leather accessories with all magic of the Gemstones that we send around the world, exclusive articles made with high quality materials of the European Union and Gemstones from India. We design and elaborate in all its stages inside our workshop, creating unique and exclusive pieces .

Leather Utility Belts - Festival Hip Belts

with all magic of the Gemstones

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with all magic of the Gemstone

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