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Gemstones have been used for thousands of years because of their healing powers, many ancient cultures believed in them as a natural fact of life to improve emotional, physical and spiritual balance. They have always been valued both for their natural beauty and for the protection they offer when used as an amulet.

At present, we know that all things in the Universe are forms of energy and that each has its own vibration.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) studied this concept with some ideas to understand the Universe, and showed that certain forms of energy can change the vibratory resonance of other forms of energy, through the creation of a higher energy field, which beneficially affects the nervous system and the transmission of information to the brain.

In essence, these vibrations can harmonize and stimulate biochemical changes that affect physical health in a positive way, and thus promoting healing and change.


This is the concept by which gemstones are used today to align, heal and change the vibration of body cells, chakras and subtle bodies, in the alternative therapies so widespread today.

Gemstones have always accompanied human beings, history tells us that semiprecious stones have always been valued both for their spiritual powers and for their beauty, since we start collected gemstones from the heart of the Earth many years ago...


The Magic stone

Strengthens trust in the universe, it is said that it was the stone of the magician Merlin. 


The powerful medicine of the earth

Awaken the sensitive part of yourself, intuition is the language of your soul.



Sacred Stone

The ancient civilizations considered her directly related to the Gods.


The feminine stone par excellence

Stone associated with water, transmits a message of peace and well-being thanks to its ability to generate harmony.


Tiger Eye

The roar of life

Borrows the strength of the beast to combat the threats that affect our development.

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