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Leather Utility Belt with Tiger Eye on top. This is an article especially for you, that you look for the comfort of having all your personal objects always near while maintaining your own style.

Hand made with Taupe Suede Leather. It has 3 compartments with zippers, two front pouchs and magnetic closure on the cover, and a secret pocket on the back side of the bag. YKK zippers, buckle and embellishments in old gold color.

Perfect for any time of day where you can transport all your personal items safely complement.


Leather Utility Belt - FESTIVAL - TIGER EYE (Suede Leather)

  • Tiger Eye is a gemstone with a great clarifying potential, allowing us to free our minds from confusion and doubts. It helps us to discover what exactly what we need and what we do not need in our daily life, as well as distinguish reality from fantasy.


    This gemstone was already known by the Romans. The soldiers took her in battles to protect her. In the Middle Ages, it was worn as a necklace to protect against demons and spells. It is said that the eye of tiger gives the gift of vision, for the Egyptians it was the symbol of the divine vision. In ancient times it was also the amulet of travelers and discoverers and was adopted by the crusaders.

Leather Utility Belts - Festival Hip Belts

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