Leather Utility Belt, Festival Belt, Leather Hip Belt, Waist Bag, Belt Bag, Hip Bag

Model: ~SOCRATES~ ​​​​​​

Leather Utility Belt- Festival Belta a perfect complement with all magic of the Gemstones, this an exclusive desing to always have close our belongins and transport them in a safe way. Leather Hip Belt with Labradorite and Vegetable Tanned Leather.


An article designed especially for you, that you look for keeping your own style with an exclusive desing.

Leather Utility Belt - Festival Belt - LABRADORITE - Hip Belt

  • This Leather Utility Belt -  Festival Hip Belt is made with Dark brown color, it has 2 front pockets with zippers YKK and 1 secret pocket back side bag, Buckle and Metals in old gold. 

    The Gemstones are brought from Jaipur (India).LABRADORITE 3.5cm x 4.5cm.

    All our Leather Hip Belts are make with High Quality Materials of the Europe Union, to giving them a long life.

Leather Utility Belts - Festival Hip Belts

with all magic of the Gemstones