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This Leather Boho Bag is a beautiful version of our Leather Utility Belt -AGORA-


An article with all the charm of the Sibo Yanke works. Bohemian style carefully made by hand, with all the magic of the Gemstones.


AGORA: is a meeting point where all voices have their own place, including opposites, and from where, through words and respect, a new path is built to unite all beings.


Leather Boho Bag, made with High Quality Materials of the Europe Union, it is elaborated with soft Taupe suede leather and a decorative Labradorite from India, which gives it a unique and exclusive look.


Solid brass accessories, has an interior pocket for phone or glasses.





Leather Bag - TURQUOISE - Bohemian Bag

  • Gemstones have been used for thousands of years because of their healing powers, many ancient cultures believed in them as a natural fact of life to improve emotional, physical and spiritual balance.


    Labradorite is a highly mystical and protective stone, diverts unwanted forces from the aura and forms a barrier against negative energies

Leather Utility Belts - Festival Hip Belts

with all magic of the Gemstones