Leather Utiity Belt - Festival Belt with Tiger eye by Sibo Yanke HANDMADE

Leather Utility Belt-Festival double pocket with Tiger Eye. A perfect complement that you are looking for transport your personal objects in a totally safe way. This is an exclusive desing thought for you with all magic of the gemstones.


-Details: This Leather Utility Belt - Festival is handmade with Suede Leather Violet color. Has 2 front pockets with zippers and 2 secret pockets behind each pouch.  from India. 100% genuine leather.


Are made to custom order and are tailor-made, so adjust your body in a totally personalized way. We will make specially one for you.


All our Leather Utility Belt-Festival are make with materials of high quality of the Europe Union, to giving them a long life. 


Stones can vary from photograph to original, there are no two stones exactly alike, each stone has its own personality.

Leather Utility Belt - Festival Belt - TIGER EYE


Leather Utility Belts - Festival Hip Belts

with all magic of the Gemstones