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Sibo Yanke was born around 2014, without any previous knowledge I began to work with leather in a self-taught way, at first my only intention was to have fun in my free time, but the surprising success of my designs all over the world, meant that little by little, something that started as a hobby, has become an internationally recognized brand for its exclusive designs, and now also a new way of life for me thanks to all of you.

My obsession with creativity, quality and innovation has led me to conquer the hearts of many people around the world with each of my works, people with whom I feel deeply grateful and close, for giving me the opportunity to continue developing myself as a professional and as a human being.

Today my main objective at Sibo Yanke is to make you feel very happy and special, every time you wear one of my designs.

Thank you for your support and much love to everyone...


Some questions about our work:

  • Where is the brand from?

The project started Barcelona.

  • Where the product is made?

At this moment the product is manufactured in a small town on the coast, close to Barcelona.

  • Where does the leather and the materials used for manufacturing come from?

Sometimes it is important to know where the materials come from to know the details of their production and ecological sustainability.

Today many brands talk about sustainable and ecological production, but they buy their materials in countries outside of Europe, where the same ecological manufacturing regulations are not required.

For me it is very important to know where the materials I buy are manufactured, to minimize the damage we cause to the planet.

The LEATHERS used in the manufacture come from Spain and Italy, they are the most important countries in the production of high quality leather within the European Union.

The rest of the materials we use are manufactured and purchased in the European Union, maintaining the demanding manufacturing regulations that are imposed, to reduce the impact of production on the environment.

  • Where do the Gemstones come from?

We import the Genstones directly from India, they are made by hand, but the raw material before polishing and shaping comes from different parts of the world, Africa, South America or Asia, depending on the type of stone.

  • Our articles are ecofriendly?

They are not completely. Some parts of our articles are totally biodegradable, such as leather, or come from somewhere in nature, such as gemstones or the metals of the buckle, although all the materials we use to manufacture our products, such as thread or glues, are always top brands, very advanced companies that work within the established ecological margins, to offer us very high quality products and materials and cause the least possible impact on the environment with each of our work.

We work responsibly and maintain a great awareness of the planet's problems.

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