This Leather Utility Belt -  Festival Belt is made with black and dark green color, it has 2 front pockets with zippers YKK and 1 secret pocket back side bag. Old gold metals and buckle. 


    The Gemstones are brought from Jaipur (India). TURQUOISE 3cm x 4cm.


    All our Leather Hip Belts are HANDMADE with High Quality Materials of the Europe Union, to giving them a long life.




    Measures Pocket: Perfect to iPhone 6 plus and 7

    Pocket 1) 6"x 5.5"x 1.5"


    Pocket 2) 5'5" x 5" x 1


    Pocket 3) Secrect pocket backside


    Stones can vary from photograph to original, there are no two stones exactly alike, each stone has its own personality.


    Some ancient cultures believed that Turquoise had powerful metaphysical properties. In ancient Mexico, turquoise was reserved for the gods and could not be carried by a mere mortal.


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Leather Utility Belts   Festival Hip Belts
with all magic of the Gemstones

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