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Waist Bag - Leather Festival Utility Belt  | CHRYSOCOLLA | Hip Sack -  Belt Bag

Leather Utility Belt-Festival Belt with Chrysocolla stone handmade, a perfect complement to transport our personal objects in a totally safe way and with all magic of the gemstones. This is an exclusive desing thought for you.


-Details: This Leather Utility Belt - Festival Belt is made with Suede Leather Earth brown color, has 2 front pockets with zippers and 1 secret pocket behind each pouch. Chrysocolla from Peru. 100% genuine leather.


We can make it to custom order and are tailor-made, so adjust your body in a totally personalized way. We will make specially one for you.


All our Festival Utility Belts - FESTIVAL is Handmade, and are make with materials of high quality from Europe Union to giving them a long life. All our gemstones are brought from India and Peru.


Waist Bag - Leather Festival Utility Belt | CHRYSOCOLLA |


    The Chrysocolla is the femenine stone by excellence, and symbolizes the water and the moon.  Is a quiet gemstone that offers support, helps you to meditate and to communicate. Inside the home expels all kinds of negative energies. 


    American Indian cultures used the chrysocolla as a healing stone to enhance the strength and endurance of the body and to appease the states of maximum irritability, is a peacemaking stone.


    Brought from Peru. Stones can vary from photograph to original, there are no two stones exactly alike, each stone has its own personality




    All articles in stock or finishes are delivered in:


    USA  About 3 days
    EUROPE  About 2 days
    REST OF THE WORLD  About 3 days 


    Custom orders are delivered in


    USA  About 10 days
    EUROPE  About 10 days
    REST OF THE WORLD  About 10 days 



    Hip and Waist:



    Pockets Measurements:
    2 Pockets 5.5in x 5.5 in x 1.6 in